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$1.00 cost a day’s work on many farms. Women could not afford lipsticks.
  THE Intrepid Volunteers A REPURPOSED NOVEL From Work Written By MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY ILLUSTRATOR NOVICK Edited By Lin Stone Stand By For Take Off! By the time I got myself all the way awake [More]
At this time of year many a thought turns somber and rolls back to happier times. Have you ever seen a headstone covered with coins? Actually, that is a common sight in many a cemetery [More]
I remember the first message I heard when times were about to get worse. “No matter how you got here, You are here, make the best of it, Do your best as if you volunteered.” [More]
  Chapter 2 Thirty-five cents? I hope you saw that! It was a bargain. It was the first thing I looked for when I entered the drugstore, and then I slumped down and asked for [More]
History is not made of facts; History is made of stories and questions. The true history of Ancient American Human Civilization is far older and was far more advanced than we were ever taught in [More]
Fame and glory are such fickle things. John Wayne come out to the ranch to see the boss and every cowboy on the place would drop everything and come running to the scale house to see [More]
I was a willful child. When I wanted to do something, I did it, regardless of the consequences. The physical consequences of being willful in that family were very explosive. Daddy was determined I would [More]
Our school taught us Indians that July 4th was a special day celebrating our peripatetic revolution that ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL with certain unalienable rights. Back then Indians could not vote in “important” elections, [More]