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This is the kind of cataclysmic story pseudo-scientists dream up in order to get funding for research. Their research will turn out huge volumes of printed matter that urges Congress to continue the research. If [More]
THE RESCUE OF PRINCESS DIDI is a story about a village on the Atlantic coast of Senegal. Bad weather and heavy storms are eroding the beach where Princess Didi is spending her days. Kids play [More]
As fate would have it, they took away everything Al Capone had.  The IRS snatched up his restaurant that was serving hot soup and aromatic coffee with doughnuts free for the unemployed, the poor and [More]
Now listen! There is this little voice asking for our attention.  This little voice pleading for our attention. A little voice that must be heard if the cause of justice is to be served! “Just listen. [More]
  Authors: David Michael Walsh, Janet Walsh Format: Kindle eBook Language: English Published ASIN: B019CYFDYC Kindle Edition eBooks Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, a time when there were castles, princes, and [More]
back in the 30s and 40s of the last century dust storms would come raging towards us with the cloud of dust a mile high. The front of the storm was like a wall, sharp [More]
For Duty above and beyond, For courage far beyond the call of service. This is a story I shall long remember!
It’s as easy as riding a bike! we all would like to think we can think backwards. It should be easy to type backwards, and it should be easy to ride my bike backwards, but [More]
The driest desert on earth is at the South Pole. At the other extreme, there are glaciers of pure freshwater turned into ice and moving it exorbitantly towards the ocean. And those cute little birds [More]
Most animals do communicate in a greater or lesser degree. Penguins seem to have the job down pat. Penguins communicate by observing data as familiar to them as a smile is to us. They are [More]