Squirrel Wars written by Jane Finch and illustrated by Frank Thomas SQUIRREL WARS Squirrel Wars tells the story of Rowan, a loveable and inquisitive young red squirrel, living with his family in the wilds of [More]
Oh, wow! When you get to thinking about it there are a lot of closures laying around that we could be using. Merrily yours, Resourcefully yours, Obligingly yours, Insistingly yours, Perishingly yours, Alternately yours, with [More]
The theory of evolution is often trotted out by amateurs and used to bridge the indigenous gaps back to what is called the Stone Age, as if its weapons and utensils were simplistic at its [More]
Now that sounds like some Texican is stretching things a bit. Taffy gets stretched a lot also and Taffy is the sweetest Texas pull of all. B. Alan Bourgeois stretched his point, Ahem, I mean, B. [More]
Gold, Miles and miles of it. In deserts Gold is bubbling to the top to make it easy to find.
This is the kind of cataclysmic story pseudo-scientists dream up in order to get funding for research. Their research will turn out huge volumes of printed matter that urges Congress to continue the research. If [More]
Teddy Bear is a wonderful playmate for small children.
This beautiful Steam powered locomotive is running between Williams, AZ and the Grand Canyon’s south rim. This a colorful ride with pleasure stops lasts for a distance of 64 miles. the Grand Canyon Railway has become a [More]
Snoopy is openly generous with the affections obvious. Snoopy is Snappy. He is ready to share his euphoric experiences with everyone. Snoopy won the hearts of America first and then he shared it with the [More]