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Actually, the Bible does not say the animals go in  2 by 2. What DOES it say?  
Because lawyers need keen analytical powers. They are schooled to look at each side and go through a trial where they don’t which side they will take. Let’s see how many facts you can run into [More]
The Pavillion that divides us from his help. Henry B. Eyring always touches my heart. He came to our ward once and he was and is a very nice man. But when he volunteered tol speak [More]
Young people like Ms. scared occasionally, like as if they can be scared and then go all without any fear of the dark. My sister went to one scary movie and she was so scared [More]
Learn the secrets of ancient Egypt. Only recently has civilized man in the modern world began to understand the process which the ancients would build a giant pyramid. Scientists of today still stand in awe [More]
For Duty above and beyond, For courage far beyond the call of service. This is a story I shall long remember!
music and light run together well. Do you think this would be nice company during the evening meal?
Your Friendly Government Insists We tell you this, All children aged 13 or less must ask their parents  before they can click on any of our links! Contact us if any of these links fail [More]