I don’t know if there is any interest in such ancient history but I thought I’d post this LAST interview. Prison was not a nice place back then, and a known communist had less avenue for assistance from the jailers. Richard [More]
William Shatner, Pat Wayne et al turn in a stelactular real event.
StarTrack Finale with Shatner and Sir Stewart trading memories and mutual admiratioons.
Snoopy is openly generous with the affections obvious. Snoopy is Snappy. He is ready to share his euphoric experiences with everyone. Snoopy won the hearts of America first and then he shared it with the [More]
Stories bordering on insanity
The hardest lesson to learn in life is to learn when we are fooling ourselves into thinking we have learned a lesson. I learned this lesson again today. When discovering the secrets of nature we [More]
Long, long ago I gentled donkeys for Sears. When I topped them off they had to be gentle enough for a child to ride it. Riding a donkey is like driving across a corn field in [More]
Everyone loves a good speaker that can bring three points to life and prove they are related before the bell rings. There is one speaker that is more wonderful yet. That is the humorous speaker. [More]
The lion sleeps less tonight. Even though they are at the top of the food chain apparently, it is a dull memory that the food in the food chain is getting hard to catch. Territory [More]