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What was it like to live in the 13 colonies? Mr. Beat takes the front seat and tells us stories nice and neat. Be sure to also download the freedom quote book
Have you ever held the book in your hand, one that she just couldn’t let go, until you are finished with every sentence. I remember so many great books. I can still remember Dick and [More]
Does it now seem strange to find that American is unified once more? We have walked a mile on the road to recovery of our respect in the world scene, that stage of the world where [More]
There is a great conflict stinging this nation at this time, greater than a hive of bees hanging over the central picnic table where is spread our best fruits. We have the great crying “we [More]
  Here is one way to capture a love and appreciation for the world of reptiles. This is a speed reading book that opens up the adventures that lead to  a deep appreciation Great Jumping [More]
Telling a story that starts out with the name of Hitler and you have an audience scrambling to get to their seats. Add a secret weapon, Joe Kennedy Jr. and John F. Kennedy and your [More]
Greenland is splashing almost one sillimillimeter more water per year to the global ocean, NASA says — and it has over 24 feet to give. The question is how fast it could shed that much [More]
Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I can’t see through you. Beautiful music, wonderful lines, Great Actors, and an almost believable storyline.
Dr. Ben Carson is standing tall, with a long list of great Americans who have made achievements that are changing history.Pres. Trump is holding Black history month at the White House. The theme is, “you [More]
Seven Proofs man can get his feet off the ground.I am really impressed with the narrator here. He is playing his part to perfection. I have wanted to fly online. I have dreamed that I [More]