Learn the secrets of ancient Egypt. Only recently has civilized man in the modern world began to understand the process which the ancients would build a giant pyramid. Scientists of today still stand in awe [More]
For Duty above and beyond, For courage far beyond the call of service. This is a story I shall long remember!
music and light run together well. Do you think this would be nice company during the evening meal?
Your Friendly Government Insists We tell you this, All children aged 13 or less must ask their parents  before they can click on any of our links! Contact us if any of these links fail [More]
It has been a hard fight and an incredible turn over in politics. I have studied Roosevelt, and listened to Pres. Truman. But the first political news that I can remember hearing about was the [More]
Oh, wow! When you get to thinking about it there are a lot of closures laying around that we could be using. Merrily yours, Resourcefully yours, Obligingly yours, Insistingly yours, Perishingly yours, Alternately yours, with [More]
Teddy Bear is a wonderful playmate for small children.
This beautiful Steam powered locomotive is running between Williams, AZ and the Grand Canyon’s south rim. This a colorful ride with pleasure stops lasts for a distance of 64 miles. the Grand Canyon Railway has become a [More]