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What is a brother? When is a friend more “family”  than a brother is? If a friend wants to kill your brother, which one do you owe loyalty to when bullets start flying in the fracas? [More]
Most animals do communicate in a greater or lesser degree. Penguins seem to have the job down pat. Penguins communicate by observing data as familiar to them as a smile is to us. They are [More]
A splendid three-hour movie with a Good King, Bad King plot that has pleased some of the crowned heads of England for centuries.
There is something very strange going on here., For one thing, the people are walking around entirely too comfortable for the supposedly cold weather. Second, without a tremor of concern when they are touching equipment left out [More]
The driest desert on earth is at the South Pole. At the other extreme, there are glaciers of pure freshwater turned into ice and moving it exorbitantly towards the ocean. And those cute little birds [More]
What was it like to live in the 13 colonies? Mr. Beat takes the front seat and tells us stories nice and neat. Be sure to also download the freedom quote book
Have you ever held the book in your hand, one that she just couldn’t let go, until you are finished with every sentence. I remember so many great books. I can still remember Dick and [More]
Does it now seem strange to find that American is unified once more? We have walked a mile on the road to recovery of our respect in the world scene, that stage of the world where [More]