Here is one way to capture a love and appreciation for the world of reptiles. This is a speed reading book that opens up the adventures that lead to  a deep appreciation Great Jumping [More]
Telling a story that starts out with the name of Hitler and you have an audience scrambling to get to their seats. Add a secret weapon, Joe Kennedy Jr. and John F. Kennedy and your [More]
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Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I can’t see through you. Beautiful music, wonderful lines, Great Actors, and an almost believable storyline.
Dr. Ben Carson is standing tall, with a long list of great Americans who have made achievements that are changing history.Pres. Trump is holding Black history month at the White House. The theme is, “you [More]
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Actually, the Bible does not say the animals go in  2 by 2. What DOES it say?  
Because lawyers need keen analytical powers. They are schooled to look at each side and go through a trial where they don’t which side they will take. Let’s see how many facts you can run into [More]
The Pavillion that divides us from his help. Henry B. Eyring always touches my heart. He came to our ward once and he was and is a very nice man. But when he volunteered tol speak [More]