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As fate would have it, they took away everything Al Capone had.  The IRS snatched up his restaurant that was serving hot soup and aromatic coffee with doughnuts free for the unemployed, the poor and [More]
Pound per pound the Wolverine is the toughest and most vicious predator (save one) on the planet. But as this story unfolds you will see an affection building up before the respect is realized. I have [More]
You are about to learn the Unexplainable Mysteries of Machu Picchu, the mountain fortress that the Conquistadores had never found.
Walt Disney corraled some superb talent and managed to hang onto them by latching onto some wonderful scripts they could grow into.
I was a willful child. When I wanted to do something, I did it, regardless of the consequences. The physical consequences of being willful in that family were very explosive. Daddy was determined I would [More]
When I was a young lad, still working on the farm and going to school, my teachers would exhort me personally (as there were only 6 kids in my class) They wanted something better for [More]
  Chapter 2 Thirty-five cents? I hope you saw that! It was a bargain. It was the first thing I looked for when I entered the drugstore, and then I slumped down and asked for [More]
At this time of year many a thought turns somber and rolls back to happier times. Have you ever seen a headstone covered with coins? Actually, that is a common sight in many a cemetery [More]
  THE Intrepid Volunteers A REPURPOSED NOVEL From Work Written By MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY ILLUSTRATOR NOVICK Edited By Lin Stone Stand By For Take Off! By the time I got myself all the way awake [More]
So much of what we know is simply not so which lends credence to the theory that much of our imaginative theory fiction is more accurate than “real” history.Unfettered by tangible facts the novelist ventures [More]