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we start with cave art and move on to art found on Egyptian walls. Most Egyptian art told a story that all middle schoolers could read back then.
it seems strange that there are only two grades of videos available. One for nursery age, and the next step up is 27-year-old stories.
just being the most beautiful woman in the kingdom is not a sure ticket to happiness. In this animated rendition of the snow white story we see some of the background that can derail even [More]
one wonderful hour of heart thumping joyful sounds. Indulge yourself sit down and watch your children dance. blue whale in the ocean and bluebird in the sky. The music all around to make us dance [More]
Tyrannosaurus Rex chased this night and day until this one man turned around to say, “Just Who Do You Think You Are? violating my rights like this?” From that very day on Congress¬†passed law after [More]
one of the things that Robert a Heinlein loved to expound upon was wicked man trying to take away the freedom of an aroused populace. And his second most favorite theme was the discovery of an [More]
There was something a little unearthly about Lummox. For one thing, he weighed about six tons if there had been any scales to weigh him on. Then there were those eyes that didn’t blink so [More]
THE RESCUE OF PRINCESS DIDI is a story about a village on the Atlantic coast of Senegal. Bad weather and heavy storms are eroding the beach where Princess Didi is spending her days. Kids play [More]
  Authors: David Michael Walsh, Janet Walsh Format: Kindle eBook Language: English Published ASIN: B019CYFDYC Kindle Edition eBooks Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, a time when there were castles, princes, and [More]
Here is a faithful, dramatized reading of Robert A. Heinlein’s novel by this name. It has been at least 60 years since I read this novel the first time. In my mind, I have read [More]