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Rosita Bird says: “I have worked in a Solicitor’s office for 7 years. I married and had two children and became a childminder for 15 years and also worked as a parent guardian for a [More]
the word “might” stretches the history of Jupiter from earth to Alpine Centauri! It loses no value as it spirals out. In fact the word “might” things more weight with every piece of hyperbole it [More]
six decades ago I climbed a small hill in Arizona with three of my colleagues. We found substantial quantities of seashells on one side of the summit. When we showed this to the oldest member [More]
Squirrel Wars written by Jane Finch and illustrated by Frank Thomas SQUIRREL WARS Squirrel Wars tells the story of Rowan, a loveable and inquisitive young red squirrel, living with his family in the wilds of [More]
Presented in theater style so it fits your screen. Over 1 hour long. The animation is terrific.
This is the kind of cataclysmic story pseudo-scientists dream up in order to get funding for research. Their research will turn out huge volumes of printed matter that urges Congress to continue the research. If [More]
back in the 30s and 40s of the last century dust storms would come raging towards us with the cloud of dust a mile high. The front of the storm was like a wall, sharp [More]
we start with cave art and move on to art found on Egyptian walls. Most Egyptian art told a story that all middle schoolers could read back then.