Clean Up The Oceans

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A young lady wants to help clean up the oceans of planet Earth. She is ready to work at getting the job farther along.

Cleaning up the oceans is a battle. Cleaning our oceans up is a matter history will long remember, failing to win this battle will be remembered even longer. What can you do?

I would like to offer a few suggestions.

  1. Keep records of What is found, How much and Where. The oil companies, bless their hearts, can track many of their small product containers right back to specific countries and often specific retailers.
  2. If you decide to send your money to work for you, Check the reputation of the company or corporation FIRST. Just saying it is approved by the United Nations does not, should not be the end of your investigation. That should be only your first step. VERIFY that information is current. Then get on the web and type in the name of that corporation or company to see what comes up.
  3. There are specific implementations that are economical and effective. Search them out and use them or spread their successes far and wide.
  4. When my granddaughter was the age of this young lady she decided she would be the nation’s first lady president. 12 years later she is still on target. Young children CAN be serious and young ladies can tame the ocean. It’s a matter of survival. Lend a hand.


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