What’s Wrong?

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What is happening right now?

What can be done?

Why we won’t do it?

Isn’t that strange? We know what is wrong; we know the origin; we know where to hide: and we know we won’t do it!

There has been only one major project that was followed through on: The Manhattan Project, the Atom Bomb Project. This was an ULTRA SECRET project with an UNLIMITED EXPENSE ACCOUNT. It is extremely hard to protest something we don’t know exists, what it can do, and why it shouldn’t be done. Manhattan was so secret that only the Germans and the Russians knew what we were doing. It was quite good luck that we also obtained little suggestions from the Germans from time to time. Russia simply collected data until it could obtain high protein uranium on the open market; what they will do now that they have it remains a secret. Historically speaking, nobody keeps a secret like the Russians.


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