Careers in agriculture

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When I was a young lad, still working on the farm and going to school, my teachers would exhort me personally (as there were only 6 kids in my class) They wanted something better for me than a life on the farm as my brain was too valuable to waste.

I never wondered just what my fine brain was good for.  I adjusted my fine brain to their expectations and labored hard.  In the army at 17 it was the same thing, “Your fine brain needs to be trained for a marvelous opportunity.  I sure didn’t appreciate what the army decided my fine brain was qualified for until it was decided I should become an officer. An officer? WOW!

I still hadn’t decided anything when I was mustered out, and forced back to working on the farm!  Over the next two decades I tried various schemes to escape the farm, and failed at all of them! Well, I never failed at mail order, I just never applied my earnings back into my future!

Back on the farm for a decade I suddenly came to the conclusion that I enjoyed – REALLY enjoyed working on the farm. My fine brain was right at home on the farm and was challenged to the performance expectations of my employer. Gradually my mail order business surpassed my farm income and my wife insisted we move back to be with her family in Arkansas. My health failed, My mail order business earnings were stretched beyond our means and consequently disappeared.

My wonderful brain trained me for a better future and gradually brought me up to a good career as a writer. I still miss my days on the farm.


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