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As fate would have it, they took away everything Al Capone had.  The IRS snatched up his restaurant that was serving hot soup and aromatic coffee with doughnuts free for the unemployed, the poor and [More]
The Nature Of Money   It is almost inconceivable to me that so many people cannot keep the nature of money straight and the cause of the Great Depression separated from the cause of the Great [More]
There is a whole new world of math ready to harvest.  Oh Boy! I can remember when the kids brought home the new math and wanted help. I cheered when new math was replaced with old [More]
A splendid three-hour movie with a Good King, Bad King plot that has pleased some of the crowned heads of England for centuries.
Actually, the Bible does not say the animals go in  2 by 2. What DOES it say?  
Snoopy is openly generous with the affections obvious. Snoopy is Snappy. He is ready to share his euphoric experiences with everyone. Snoopy won the hearts of America first and then he shared it with the [More]
Rosita Bird says: “I have worked in a Solicitor’s office for 7 years. I married and had two children and became a childminder for 15 years and also worked as a parent guardian for a [More]
Presented in theater style so it fits your screen. Over 1 hour long. The animation is terrific.