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When they first brought bananas into fancy New York City restaurants they had skilled. trained demonstrators on hand to show customers how to peel them. I remember the first time I met a zipper. It hurt! [More]
Loggerheads captured while they were happily involved in dining pursuits require precautionary entanglements. This loggerhead was in bad trouble and evidently decided to accept help from an ancient enemy that once upon a time loved [More]
Pound per pound the Wolverine is the toughest and most vicious predator (save one) on the planet. But as this story unfolds you will see an affection building up before the respect is realized. I have [More]
When I was a young lad, still working on the farm and going to school, my teachers would exhort me personally (as there were only 6 kids in my class) They wanted something better for [More]
Most animals do communicate in a greater or lesser degree. Penguins seem to have the job down pat. Penguins communicate by observing data as familiar to them as a smile is to us. They are [More]
  Here is one way to capture a love and appreciation for the world of reptiles. This is a speed reading book that opens up the adventures that lead to  a deep appreciation Great Jumping [More]