Our narrator speaks much too fast, making it necessary to listen to the video twice or more to understand what he is talking about. But he does offer many valid points that everyone on earth [More]
What was it like to live in the 13 colonies? Mr. Beat takes the front seat and tells us stories nice and neat. Be sure to also download the freedom quote book
Does it now seem strange to find that American is unified once more? We have walked a mile on the road to recovery of our respect in the world scene, that stage of the world where [More]
There is a great conflict stinging this nation at this time, greater than a hive of bees hanging over the central picnic table where is spread our best fruits. We have the great crying “we [More]
Because lawyers need keen analytical powers. They are schooled to look at each side and go through a trial where they don’t which side they will take. Let’s see how many facts you can run into [More]
It has been a hard fight and an incredible turn over in politics. I have studied Roosevelt, and listened to Pres. Truman. But the first political news that I can remember hearing about was the [More]