A splendid three-hour movie with a Good King, Bad King plot that has pleased some of the crowned heads of England for centuries.
There is a great conflict stinging this nation at this time, greater than a hive of bees hanging over the central picnic table where is spread our best fruits. We have the great crying “we [More]
Your Friendly Government Insists We tell you this, All children aged 13 or less must ask their parents  before they can click on any of our links! Contact us if any of these links fail [More]
Teddy Bear is a wonderful playmate for small children.
Long, long ago I gentled donkeys for Sears. When I topped them off they had to be gentle enough for a child to ride it. Riding a donkey is like driving across a corn field in [More]
Everyone loves a good speaker that can bring three points to life and prove they are related before the bell rings. There is one speaker that is more wonderful yet. That is the humorous speaker. [More]
This video is so realistic I want to take the day off and find my grandson. This looks like LOADS of fun.
Here we have it, mountains made out of molehills. Can ski slopes be far behind? Vast fields to the left shall soon show the verdant glow of rice paddies spring up to be harvested by the [More]
Five Billion Years Ago, Urth, Five billion years ago the future home of man was conceived. Here are of these steps, conceived in the heavens.