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He was faster than Hicock, faster than Bat Masterson, Faster than any man alive. Click this link to download the complete book FastDraw
Nifty Suggestions to make your next camping trip be warm and wonderful
I have listened to many stories of Robert E. Lee in the first 65 years of my life. I’ve rewritten two books for other authors. He and Stonewall Jackson were as real to me as [More]
There are many presentations of Alice, including new clothes for Alice so as to render proof this was a new story with Alice acutely aware of changing styles of the times. But, as you will [More]
When I was a young lad, still working on the farm and going to school, my teachers would exhort me personally (as there were only 6 kids in my class) They wanted something better for [More]
  THE Intrepid Volunteers A REPURPOSED NOVEL From Work Written By MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY ILLUSTRATOR NOVICK Edited By Lin Stone Stand By For Take Off! By the time I got myself all the way awake [More]
In the Shadow of the Eagles Full Movie by Film&Clips Director: Ferdinando Baldi (as Ferdy Baldwin) Writers: Ferdinando Baldi (screenplay), Nino Milano (screenplay) Stars: Cameron Mitchell, Beba Loncar, Gabriella Pallotta Italy 1966 After the death [More]
Our narrator speaks much too fast, making it necessary to listen to the video twice or more to understand what he is talking about. But he does offer many valid points that everyone on earth [More]
A marvel and A Whiz, a 10-year-old girl who moves like greased lightning and can dribble two basketballs at different bounce rates. Blocking her kit is being said that girlsĀ can’t play on a boy’s team.. [More]
Index Theatres social For the first time in 27 years I saw the real moon tonight. The missing sin was mine, not the moon’s. I’m willing to bet good money the moon has not missed [More]