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When they first brought bananas into fancy New York City restaurants they had skilled. trained demonstrators on hand to show customers how to peel them. I remember the first time I met a zipper. It hurt! [More]
Was the earth created, or did it evolve.  In this video you will see some of the best theories, and some of the reasons why those theories have been discarded by scientists. What do you think?
stories that have lived long in the hearts of children around the world.
He was faster than Hicock, faster than Bat Masterson, Faster than any man alive. Click this link to download the complete book FastDraw
$1.00 cost a day’s work on many farms. Women could not afford lipsticks. Children were slaves in Ameri0can factories. in 1946 $4.00 cost a day’s work, and it bought so much!
Loggerheads captured while they were happily involved in dining pursuits require precautionary entanglements. This loggerhead was in bad trouble and evidently decided to accept help from an ancient enemy that once upon a time loved [More]
Nifty Suggestions to make your next camping trip be warm and wonderful
It’s enough to make you forget the ice age outside. The theory is this lava is coming up from great depths in the shelves of the earth. How deep? Well here, The Mariana Deep is [More]
Our school taught us Indians that July 4th was a special day celebrating our peripatetic revolution that ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL with certain unalienable rights. Back then Indians could not vote in “important” elections, [More]