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History is not made of facts; History is made of stories and questions. The true history of Ancient American Human Civilization is far older and was far more advanced than we were ever taught in [More]
I have listened to many stories of Robert E. Lee in the first 65 years of my life. I’ve rewritten two books for other authors. He and Stonewall Jackson were as real to me as [More]
I remember the first message I heard when times were about to get worse. “No matter how you got here, You are here, make the best of it, Do your best as if you volunteered.” [More]
There are many presentations of Alice, including new clothes for Alice so as to render proof this was a new story with Alice acutely aware of changing styles of the times. But, as you will [More]
The British had different way of looking at things. The American militia was not playing fair! “We need more soldiers if we are to beat the American militia,” seemed to be the rallying cry of [More]
I’ve always thought better when I was moving. I always move better when I’m thinking. There is a moral or two locked up in those observations.
As fate would have it, they took away everything Al Capone had.  The IRS snatched up his restaurant that was serving hot soup and aromatic coffee with doughnuts free for the unemployed, the poor and [More]
Pound per pound the Wolverine is the toughest and most vicious predator (save one) on the planet. But as this story unfolds you will see an affection building up before the respect is realized. I have [More]
You are about to learn the Unexplainable Mysteries of Machu Picchu, the mountain fortress that the Conquistadores had never found.