A print you might want to decorate your home with, or put on your home page, FaceBook — or maybe tweet about. I think all parents have once or twice seen the little fellow out appraising his world [More]
The Family Can Last Forever    
Will power made easy?
provided by the Orchard Enterprises. The First book By Dawn Foss  is called, I Will Stand. Would you like to be empowered and encouraged? I Will Stand offers a positive outlook for older kids and [More]
Parents know that knowledge is power, and reading is the key to this power. However, many parents struggle to find ways to make their kids be avid readers. Children are more likely to read if [More]
By Mandi Gilliland 11/9/2016 Stop sharing the junk that says “This person/baby is beautiful even with Down Syndrome.” It is insulting. They are beautiful because they are beautiful, not despite a chromosome problem. I hate [More]
++ Dawn’s Second Book published is called Christmas Love. It’s a wonderful, fully illustrated Christmas book for the whole family that promotes love of God, love of family, and love of community.  It brings a practical application to the [More]
I can remember Truman, I can remember Eisenhower, and I remember JFK and all the presidents since Truman and I will tell you, as a dedicated conservative – – Barack Obama has more political charm [More]
People with disabilities, particularly children, have long struggled for inclusion and equality. The Special Olympics has found that kids with disabilities are bullied fifty percent more than any other group. Rossi believes that more books [More]
Dawn is one of our authors specializing in books for teens that will help them improve mightily for the stress of today. Hello! My name is Dawn Foss, and I’m an inspirational Christian author/singer/songwriter. I [More]