Mary Moodey MarMooWorks Books The Three R’s of MarMooWorks By Mary Moodey Founder/Creative Director at MarMooWorks, LLC Ahh, the holidays — a head scratch-er, if there ever was one. A conundrum: in one stocking, commercialized gifts; [More]
People with disabilities, particularly children, have long struggled for inclusion and equality. The Special Olympics has found that kids with disabilities are bullied fifty percent more than any other group. Rossi believes that more books [More]
Parents know that knowledge is power, and reading is the key to this power. However, many parents struggle to find ways to make their kids be avid readers. Children are more likely to read if [More]
A print you might want to decorate your home with, or put on your home page, FaceBook — or maybe tweet about. I think all parents have once or twice seen the little fellow out appraising his world [More]
I can remember Truman, I can remember Eisenhower, and I remember JFK and all the presidents since Truman and I will tell you, as a dedicated conservative – – Barack Obama has more political charm [More]
By Mandi Gilliland 11/9/2016 Stop sharing the junk that says “This person/baby is beautiful even with Down Syndrome.” It is insulting. They are beautiful because they are beautiful, not despite a chromosome problem. I hate [More]
to Mary, (the author of When The Camel Sneezed)   “When the Camel Sneezed is a delightful story about Zara and her adventure with zoo creatures who took over her chair.  Not only is this [More]
Only the North Pole is melting and the ocean is only rising in the cities in Florida? That sounds like one side of Florida is sinking, not the ocean is rising. Don’t you find it strange? [More]
Creative writing lessons: Creative Writing tips, advice and lessons from bestseller Stephen King Join my latest Udemy course for half price!… This video is a montage of advice, tips and lessons from Stephen King, [More]
My partner in Thyme, brought this to my attention, and the immunity to stress music sounds wonderful. you might use this therapy  with your children who are learning music for the first time, or the [More]