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Amazon’s new $50 Fire Tablet sports a 7″ display, 8gb of storage, and a Quad Core Processor. Is this tablet worthy of your $50? For the most part, yes! More Videos: Website: My Tech/Video Gear: App Reviewing Channel: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: dargadgetz Facebook:

Fire 7 is:



Can you imagine browsing through millions of movies, books and music titles to choose your best entertainment from? It’s true.

YOUR Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa produces a vibrant 8″ HD display, >> And, get this, it comes with Dolby Audio built in for Easy Listening Pleasure.

If you are lying around at home you can use the prop up to make the fire7 stand up by itself.

The Fire 7 is More durable than the latest iPad.. And it provides UP to 12 hours of pleasure on battery life alone, making this Easily one of the best moving bundles. Check Out ALL the exciting details! Click The Link Above.

This is such a generous bargain, that you might want to purchase two of them. Well, if you do, You can acquire a value of $60. This generous bounty is found down below the fold [you will need to scroll way down the vendor’s page if you think you may want a bundle of two Fire 7 entertainment centers.


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