How to make Truth rise High in the Heaven

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Not so long ago a little girl carried a small kitten to school hidden in her pocket. Soon the whole class became aware of the treasure she possessed. Not long after that saturation point the teacher had appropriated the kitten and let it crawl around on her desk so everyone could appreciate it. Directly the conversation acquired an ominous mantra. “Is this kitten a boy or a girl?” Nobody knew, but everybody guessed. The teacher grew worried. But then little Tommy declared he had a solution to the question.

The class grew quiet and gave little Tommy a chance to speak. He stood up proudly. “America is a republic and when people have an issue to decide, they hold an election and they vote on it. So that’s what we can do now, we will vote on it.”

Now, feature this scene with your child in that very class. You call at the principal’s desk and pluck your child from the classroom at this very moment. As you travel towards her dental appointment she embroiders on the social event of her day. Little Tommy said —

The Little Tooth Fairy Had A Big Problem

Wait a minute! This isn’t the first time little Tommy has disturbed the class with his unfounded premises. Always before you pronounced your mature opinion and it is now obvious your little Suzie has not learned how to cultivate a piercing insight and make an informed decision about the issue at hand. “Suzie, Just because something sounds good does not make it right. You need to think clearly and act swiftly or you will find yourself acquiring untruths cluttering up your thought processes.”

Semantic Disintegration is not something that usually explodes like a super nova in our mind. How soon we discover the barb in the hook could be up to two decades {or more} down the road in the natural course of events. Teaching our children how to unravel the truth before the truth unravels them from their money, home, or liberty should be a high priority in their early education.

Have you thought clearly before you leap forward with a grain of truth that decades of trial and error have made you wise about this subject? What questions should be asked, which authority figures should be appealed to? After all the votes are in, is this a girl kitten or a boy kitten?


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