Mister Rogers Saves The Neighborhood

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I had four children before I met Mister Rogers, but he captured my immediate support and my continued interest as soon as he came in and hung his old sweater up in the closet. Now my first three children have become grandparents and two of them have taught their children to hang their clothes up in the closet.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, said wise old Ben and I’ve seen it so through three score and seven years.

In the Scriptures we also read that Confusion brings pestilence and that too is true through three generations.

Through his speech in Washington Mister Rogers is credited with saving an industry. I have no quarrel with that estimate. But I must protest the saving of that industry now by forcing a nation to subsidize an industry that could and should finance itself.

Wait, give me utterance, I beseech you.

Industries languish for but a day, then fade away. We don’t lay the same kind of rail for our high volume, high-speed rail that Lincoln saw laid, or the same grade of bridges Robert E. Lee raised for their generations. Two decades ago there was only one railroad left in the United States still making a profit.

Much of the rail and ship domination of the transportation industry perished with the advent of the auto industry because the smart money flowed into the new industries. We have seen newspapers forced to compete with magazines, and they both had to divide market share with radio and they three were ravaged with their loss to the fanatical addiction of television. Television took the $64 Question quiz show and ramped it up to the $64,000.00 quiz show.

At the turn of this century, Internet was slowly being exploited by enterprising homepreneurs, many of whom have reached millionaire status and some have now become billionaires. One new Internet broadcaster now boasts of having more market share than all the networks combined. But it is only a matter of months before the next communication industry will force all these to concede market shares. Already this new industry is capturing the vast majority of small receiving station areas where a few hundred dynamic intellects congregate.

When the Jack Benny show left its radio show for television it’s operating costs escalated immediately by a factor of 10, but today ANYONE CAN DUPLICATE the broadcasting capabilities of print, radio, television with video equipment that is freely available to all, FREE production and FREE distribution.

Back half a century ago, there were only two times a year that my family watched Public Broadcasting television. On those days the airways trembled with shows superb enough to capture our united attentions, Every 20 minutes those shows would pause for a gang of VOLUNTEERS hovered by the phones while the public ear was battered by narrators pleading for money, and more money. They wanted GOBS OF MONEY for releasing the good shows they held hostage to continue.

Today there is a huge protest because the President has determined to cut a few million dollars from PUBLIC broadcasting funds. If all the protesters would contribute VOLUNTARILY, two $10 bills, those public productions would be financed for a year. President Trump could even make it easy for contributions to swamp those companies with an abundance of funds. “Just stamp your X right here and we will add $20 to your tax bill.”

Mister Rogers has left the neighborhood, but his generous soul has been captured by the net. He won’t mind a bit if all his shows are broadcast to the whole world for free. Given a transcription of his shows our PUBLIC volunteers can reproduce Mister Rogers Neighborhood in 37 different languages; Mandarin, Sanskrit, Arabic, Espanol, French, Russian, German, and Japanese, among other languages that can be reached. All the other shows can be streamed live around the world and reach every belligerent heart on the planet!.



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