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What is crowdfunding to you?

To me it sounds like a good chance to throw some money away. So I am asking for both good and bad experiences. How did you get into the program?

How did you know when it turned out bad?

Were there any telltale indications that lit up your suspicions?

I object to crowdfunding books just on general principle. Any posts on our (Children’s Book Writers) group that offers to let us in on crowdfunding is always taken down immediately that I see it. However, I do not intend to be a policeman about this┬ásubject or any other subject. What writers do off that board is their business.

Money being requested to Africa is especially worrisome to me. Now, it isn’t all bad news for I have two wonderful friends from Nigeria living in our affluent community, and we (Marleen and I) are paying for the entire education expense from a lady in Uganda whom I hope is as honest as I believe her to be. If she isn’t, I might be contributing funds to just one more collecting agent for a major crime operation.

She never forgets to send regular school progress reports from her school to us. She is very proud of her grades. And she already has a part-time job in addition to going to school, and her income, she says is rising just because of the education we are helping her with. Since we guided her to this school and helped her decide which classes to take we have felt certain over the last two years that our small investment in her educational future will produce a maximum difference in the long-term quality of her family’s future livelihood.

We had shoes on the ground to help us make this decision, and you probably don’t. So, take extreme caution before you try to make similar investments in educating humanity or relieving some health issues. As you probably know where the bottlenecks are, I will not mention the stern warnings plastered all over the Internet that could save you some significant investment figures, and perhaps even your life, according to official reports.

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