Happily Ever After

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I can remember Truman, I can remember Eisenhower, and I remember JFK and all the presidents since Truman and I will tell you, as a dedicated conservative – – Barack Obama has more political charm than any president I’ve ever seen or heard. I hope that my grandchildren still at home and my great grandchildren will someday study this speech and take notes from it!

One of my granddaughters has said for years that she wants to be the first woman president of the United States. She is not idly waiting for some fairytale to swing by and sweep her up in his arms. She knows the prize needs for her to be a top student. She has unfailingly kept her grades up over the roof because she wasn’t satisfied with an A+! she has been doing good works all around and if determination were the only criteria for president, then she would win her political race for the White House on the first try. She is eager for the political fray. She addresses herself to the issues. How would she have answered this question, that one?  She has been doing good works all around.

Barack Obama has not won one tenet with me. I dispute every statement made by Barack Obama, I hate the ground he stands on. I firmly believe that he has deliberately fractured our Constitution and may have initiated a confrontation that was totally adverse to the safety and peace of our nation.

However, Barack Obama will probably be remembered in the 22nd century as one of the best presidents of the United States. His opposing indignataries are even now still clicking their teeth shut on words that would not have won the point. I voted for him twice and given the same parameters I would have voted the same way.


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