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When you think about it, the best thing you can give your children is great parents. Joe Kennedy brought his boys up in the knowledge of how to make money even when everyone else was going broke. He showed them how to win. He showed them how to live comfortably with wealth.

In a world full of change, parents need to give their children a solid foundation to work from and will last them all their lives.

Tools that will last forever is more than a dream! Teach your children how to learn and what to learn and you will have given them one of the best tools in the world. It isn’t enough to just hand great book to your children and hope for the best!

It takes salesmanship! It takes a sales presentation.

  1. introduce your child to the product. A stroll through a huge bookstore, especially one that provides very comfortable chairs to sit in. Explain what kind of book you are looking for and what you expect it to do for you. Examine that book to see if it will deliver on the promise you are hoping for.
  2. Then take your child to the age-appropriate aisles and let them browse the titles available. Make yourself available as a perfect salesman would, unobtrusive, but be right there and eager to help.
  3. lead them through the buying process.
  4. assist them in appreciating the gift.
  5. Make sure the book gets used.

As you study what books for children make available you will note that it is our constant objective to help you be a better parent by giving you the tools that will make learning easier and more profitable for your child. Every day I am out there searching for excellent tools that your children will love because those tools HELP them, and that will make your stock soar higher than a kite. I will be searching for value, not price, not cost, not profit, VALUE!


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