How To Leave A Legacy

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The First book By Dawn Foss  is called, I Will Stand.

Would you like to be empowered and encouraged? I Will Stand offers a positive outlook for older kids and teens in their daily lives. Sunday school teacher and mother Dawn Foss outlines a series of commitments to live by. Each is based on scripture and will give you the tools you need to live out your faith so that you can be used by God in each situation you encounter. You will be inspired to be a champion of character with boldness and assurance that you are not alone in this journey and that God will be with you all the way.

Hello! My name is Dawn Foss, and I’m an inspirational Christian author/singer/songwriter. I am on a mission to bring wholesome books and music to young people, as well as adults. My first book I wrote in 2012 and it’s called, “I Will Stand.” It’s a book of commitment to do what is right. It’s an interactive book with 20 main points such as, I will stand for forgiveness, I will stand for meekness, courage, joy, forgiveness, righteousness, purity, and so on. It’s a great book for personal devotions or group study. Each chapter has Bible verses to meditate on, as well as a self assessment and a challenge. It’s a great tool to bring families closer together and get some difficult conversations started.

Christmas Love is a great book that brings a practical application to the original Christmas story. It promotes love of God, love of family, and love of community. It features in the beginning of the book several community helpers such as a local police officer, fireman, dentist, doctor, teacher, youth pastor, nurse, pregnancy center leader, etc. and how they show Christ’s love to others in the work that they do. It’s a great book to bring out every year and remember the true meaning of Christmas: giving as He gave. It features an audio book, and ends with one of my songs, “Christmas Love.”

My third book is called “Fully Persuaded”, and is an educational and inspiring book to help you defend your faith in Christianity with more confidence. It also is interactive and can be used as a devotional. Many of my poems are in this book as well to break up the reading. A lot of those poems turned into songs on my albums.

My fourth book is called, “Choosing Music Wisely”, and is about the importance of putting God first in every area of our entertainment, including our music choices. It emphasizes singing unto the Lord, and not using the world’s standards as our guide when creating and performing Christian music. It goes over some basic music principles to help guide the reader into skillfully making music that is worthy of the title, Christian, which literally means, “Christ like.” This book has the potential to bring revival into the hearts of the readers; it did mine as I studied Scripture and wrote this book. Did you know the Bible mentions music over 500 times? It must be important to God.

My latest book is called “The Sonic Adventure Gang,” and is about a Sunday School class who go on adventures through a sonic time travel machine. They learn about Bible stories, and go on some crazy adventures where something always goes wrong. Their super cool Sunday School teacher always finds a way to get them back to safety with her special bracelet. Come along for a fun adventure! This is the first book of a series. The second book is in layout, and I plan on writing enough books to cover every season of the year. The pictures are fun to color, and the books promote small community, and how wonderful it is to belong to a church family.

I also have 4 albums that bring a lot of the truths from my books into song. My first album is called, “Beauty in Pain” and is wonderful to listen to when you want comfort and encouragement when you’re feeling down, whether spiritually, emotionally, or physically. Titles include, “Feelings”, “Beauty in Pain”, “I Will Be Here”, “The Truth of the Matter”, and “The Tales of a Teenage Heart.”

“Walking in Wisdom: Singing the Proverbs” is my second album, and brings truths from the book of Proverbs for wise living. This is especially good for young people. It features songs such as “Hard Work”, “Wisdom and Understanding”, “Mercy and Truth”, “A Lovely Home”, “Who You Hang Around”, “A True Friend”, and more.

“Sold Out! For God, Family & Country” is my favorite album, and is a 2-disc collection of songs that honor God, our families, and our country. As with all my albums, it’s great for the whole family! Some of the titles are, “Something We All Have in Common”, “Love the Truth”, “Sold Out”, “I Love My Mother”, “A Good Daddy”, “Superhero Syndrome”, and “A Country Without a Man.”

My latest album will release this Christmas, and is called “The Joy of the Season.” I’m a huge fan of Christmastime, and that love, joy, and passion shows in this album. It will put you in the Christmas spirit for sure! Titles include, “God’s Nativity”, “Oh Star”, “Something to Celebrate”, “Incomparably Unique”, “Ice Skating at Christmastime”, “That’s What Christmas is All About”, and “Christmas Fair Vendor.” Christmas carols are interspersed in the medleys, making this a collection you’ll really cherish.

Please see my website at, and my blog at God bless you, and I hope and pray my books and music will draw you into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, and a more abundant life for years to come.



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