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We don’t have much to show you yet, but we are steadily working on it. We are starting with the basic foundation. Children are our heritage. When my children were growing up I told them I was raising them to be good parents. I still feel that is a good attitude. We are raising better parents by providing wholesome information, better books and better entertainment.

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My string of granddaughters are proof this is working by the way they are raising their children. I am astonished by the care and enlightenment they display in the day by day efforts to be with their children and be good with their children. When one granddaughter heard about this project she said, “I love this idea! I love books and plan to continue to share that love with my children. After all, if you have books, you’re never really too broke to go somewhere.”

Before anything appears on this site it will have been studied. The use of profanity or sexual content will cause elimination. We don’t tell anyone why it has been eliminated. I wish it could be said “That is the end of THAT!” But it isn’t. In our modern world it is increasingly true that things change. This is why PARENTS are invited to be actively involved in selecting what their children are reading, looking at, listening to, or watching.

Parents are an essential resource in this project. Your suggestions can help me improve this club that I have such high hopes for. Please use that contact the owner link back on the front page when you have an idea for improvement or see something that requires my attention. Any time you find books that your children get excited about, please let me know.

Mostly I feel that I am here in an advisory position. That kind of thinking has nurtured the steady growth of my LinkedIn group Children’s Book Writers, now standing at 4,554 members from around the world. I am especially excited to see so many members coming from the continent of South America. We have some really great members from Africa, India, China, Europe and Asia. Our last 10 members came from Kenya, Brazil, Toronto, Western Canada, UK, Ireland, Israel, Australia, Mexico, Germany and Spain – in no apparent order. It is my hope that members of this club will likewise come from universal countries.

NEXT, we will give authors the opportunity to have their own directory. From this vantage point they can point out where their books are for sale at and tell us as much about their books as they wish.



Mary Arete Moodey supplies the club with exciting and entertaining ideas.


I have seen her light up a whole auditorium wth bubbling, dancing children.
Under her inspiiration they burst into action.
“WORDS ARE MOVEMENT!” Mary declares.

“Words are adventure,” I say.

She says I’m a sissy.
“Let’s get up and show these kids how to dance.”

But first she must kick herself in the head.

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 Mary has her own directory  and Mary will also be surfing through every page of the club – as I do and with the same authority. We will not wait for parents or children to tell us something is going awry. It is planned that anything we miss the parents will catch.

Much of our contributions will be in video. These videos have been professionally adapted to fit the needs of some child’s heart.  However, to keep from bogging our system down we do use YouTube to host the videos. YouTube’s counters do not count our withdrawals so the numbers do look pitiful if you go to YouTube to check us out. Our video counters are fairly accurate so far as I can tell. We will open our doors slightly on July 10th, 2016 CE..

The front portion of the club house will be as inviting as a front porch swing used to look after dark in the old golden days. Across the top will march a string of PROFESSIONALLY APPROVED books. How are they approved professionally? you may ask. They are reviewed by members of the Children’s Book Writers group on linkedIn. I own this 4,559 member group. WE are professionals coming from around the world. Our most recent member lives and works in Kenya. Every month these authors may post their books on that site for review by our peers. (ALL published books of all kinds and regardless of price or date are considered) and your peers will LIKE your book that month. The top 10 will be featured on the parade ground with a link to the sales page or the download page.

Every month authors may voluntarily post their books on that site for review by our peers. (ALL published books of all kinds and regardless of price or date are considered) and our peers will LIKE those books that month. The top 10 will be featured on the parade ground with a link to the sales pages or the download pages of the authors. Yes, most of these books will cost money, BUT THEY ARE WORTH IT!

Earl H. Roberts



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