Gold Standard 

copyright 2013
by Lin Stone

Getting back to the gold standard sounds like such a wonderful idea that one wonders why more people don't fall for it.


Actually, it's more like a plastic sieve in today's cotton-picking economy.

Let's start with the idea that it locks value into our dollars.

History shows that it doesn't. The civil war reveals that both North and South left the gold standard dangling and began printing paper money like there was no tomorrow.

FDR seized all the gold in the United States; he even made owning gold a crime.

Nixon justified leaving the gold standard by saying there was no gold left. Actually there was; it just didn't belong to us any more because we had donated it to the FED, our favorite charity, so it could print more paper than the legal gold standard allowed.

And that is going to happen again and again for as long as we allow the FED, or our friendly  Government to have an unfettered hand at the printing press.

Go back to 1964 a moment.

  1. Kennedy is gone.
  2. The last silver coins are being minted
  3. and pennies are on the way out.
  4. An ounce of gold can still be bought for only $34, except no Americans can buy gold.

Okay, now your memory has been refreshed as to how bad it was back then.  Now race back through the mists of time to 2016 and greet the NEW GOLD STANDARD.

  • Obama is finally gone back home
  • and stocks have begun to be traded again.
  • How many dollars does it take to buy an ounce of gold?
  • $3,400 will buy an ounce of gold
  • Why?  because we're on the gold standard again! Hal a lejuah!


"Because the government says we need to be realistic and set the price at $3,400, DUMMY!"

Uh huh, and do you realize that means the government can reset the price of gold any time it bloody well wants to?  The gold STANDARD is a FARCE.

"Well, Yeah! But we won't let them do that!"

HA!  Like the Americans stopped FDR and Nixon?  It ain't gunna happen.  Let's face it.. Americans have no backbone.  Not only that, but half the voters will always be screaming for more money to be printed in order to listen up the economy and where's that going to leave the other 38%?

Dangling like a broken down participle,
that's where.

In a depression we couldn't buy groceries because we had no money. In a recession we had better buy more groceries before the price goes up again. In a repression you hide your gold in a hole in the ground and hope nobody was watching.  ~ Lin Stone

Money, being so important these days, reaches us full blown with the urge to spend it before our credit card companies find out we have it.


Nobody needs a vacation during a recession; they are already broke enough.

He never pays a dollar in wages until he has memorized the serial number.

In dealing with the IRS what you do isn't important, it is what you call it. ~ William Hazlett Upson

Rich people admire other successful people; poor people resent them  ~ T Harv Eker

Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes its laws.  Amschel Meyer Rothschild

Adam Smith, author of the still much studied book
The Wealth of Nations published in 1776 says that
historically "the avarice and injustice of princes and
sovereign states, abusing the confidence of their
subjects, have by degrees diminished the real
quantity of metal, which had been originally
contained in their coins."

If the guvment really wanted a sound dollar
it would establish the gold standard so
$1 would buy an ounce of gold!

That would let us mint plenty of silver coins again
and save the poor penny's soul.

 the end


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