Man may have to wait a few years to make it to heaven.  
But for horses there is an immediately accessible

Horse Heaven

copyright 2005
by Lin Stone

Horse Heaven Ranch is a resort for horse owners to bring their horses to.  It's kind of like coming home to your own ranch after a sojourn in a distant, crowded city.  The air is clean and fresh.  You step out the front door and there your horses are, ready to rear up and go like Trigger on the loose.  Hi Yo Silver, AWAY!  And off you go down wilderness trails.  "Look out for that branch Little Beaver."  Rin Tin Tin is pounding the trail right beside you, able to leap from tall boulders in a single bound.  

"Gee Whillikers, Daddy Warbucks.  Are you SURE you can afford for me to stay here?"  
Ah Annie, not only is Horse Heaven wonderful, 
it's affordable.  
Why don't you stay another week?  

Visitors can look out the window, past their horses 
and right into the Ouachita National Forest.  
There are a hundred miles of trails to ride, or walk.  

There are trails for experienced riders, 
trails that are perfect for taking horses just learning what a bit is for, 
trails for the exuberant hiker, 
trails for the fanatical biker, 
and trails for the potatoes who only want to roll off the couch for a few minutes.

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Welcome to:

Horse Heaven Ranch

Found near Talihina Oklahoma in Kiamichi Country, Horse Heaven is very much a part of some of the best hunting and fishing in the United States.  It is such a  great place to visit that some people without horses find it a real treat to go there.  

Kiamichi Country is where one sneaky Arkansan came to hunt when he wanted to win a trophy for nailing the biggest bear in Arkansas that year.  He would have kept the trophy too, only someone squealed on him.  

Horse Heaven Ranch has 107 acres nestled right up on the Ouachita National Forest.  The trails are exciting, winding up hills and down dales.  The trails are marked with spots of color, especially at intersections to keep you from getting lost.  

The nearby trails have exotic names like Lords Trail, Dead Head Trail, Turkey Trail, Flathead Trail, Wishbone Trail, Black Jack Trail, with new trails being mapped out and marked all the time.  These have been decorated on a big map with little hints of what you might find there: sparkling streams, coons, hidden ponds, ponds where you can fish for free, a rifle range, bridges, and more besides.  Management furnishes trail maps and even instructions on how to use them. 

Horse Heaven can handle groups of up to 250, if they call far enough in advance. One group came in once with two cook wagons and had a gala event all their own.  It is also a real good place for family reunions.  Whole families come from as far off as Minnesota and rent out sequential units.  Sometimes they just leave the horses at home and use this as a meeting place.  

Business people have found they can be much more relaxed and accomplish more by staying here than they can by staying in a motel. 


Four of the cabins are one bedroom, and two are two bedrooms.  All the couches in the cabins fold out into a queen sized bed.  The cabins come with satellite TV, linen and blankets, fireplaces with the wood already chopped and furnished.  There are fire pits outside just in case someone wants to roast marshmallows or hot dogs.  Then the outside barbecue grills are handy for steaks and such.  

The kitchens are full-sized and cooking utensils are furnished.  Complete with a handy dishwasher.

There is also a modular home with all its amenities.

Please note before you call for reservations... 
Dogs are not allowed in the cabin with you 
and cannot be chained to a tree outside either.

If you have a mobile home or trailer There are horse pens RIGHT THERE at each of the camp sites.  They are built in, in fact, they were built in before the RV pad was.  Your horse is right there beside you.  Many people come with their tents and just pop them up for the weekend.    The community showers are easily accessible for the handicapped.  

Take your choice of pull through or back in pads.  

Shortleaf pine trees are the rule here in this part of the Ouachita National Forest.  That means you may glimpse a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher or a Yellow-throated Warbler here.  Northern Mockingbirds are a more likely spot, of course, along with the Gray Catbird.  Field Sparrows and Tufted Titmouse spring up everywhere. And the state bird -- the Scissortail Flycatcher -- ranges freely here.  Not fifteen miles from this very spot I saw a HUGE Bald Eagle feasting right beside the road.  She was bigger than the Golden Eagle I saw that had lifted a 19 pound house cat off the ground! 

14 year old Reno has the best part of heaven.

He has the stockiness of a Quarter horse
The stubborn attitude of an Appaloosa
The towering height of a Tennessee Walker
and the stamina of a Morgan.

His owner was Gaven Kinney, from Texas.


Management is not that exuberant about the woodpeckers in the region.  "One of them red-headed peckerwoods drilled a hole right through the wall in the top of the shower building."

The horse stalls at the cabin are covered just in case of inclement weather as well as having open area pens where the horses can enjoy the country too.  Owners of show horses can take advantage of the show horse stalls.  They have rubber floors, covered with straw so your horses will feel comfortable, and pampered.  Staff members constantly check on the horses in this area.  Management tries to know where the owner is most of the time.  If any medical problems develop the owners can call their hometown vets and have the prescriptions called into a pharmacy in Talihina for filling.  Several people on the staff can give the horses their medicine.  

Management knows everyone in the area and whom to call upon in case of an emergency.  One vet will drop just about anything to come out on call.  There is a good fire department just down the road, in case of health emergencies.   In emergencies Staff can get a helicopter in if things get really bad.  There's even a mechanic who will come out and work on vehicles at the unit.  Everyone that comes to Horse Heaven is put on a list so that a record is kept of all the ways each member of the family or group would like to be treated.  "We try to make this a very family friendly recreation area."

Free ScreenSaver showing the scenery near here.  

the end.

Lin Stone is an author, writer and photographer living in Mena Arkansas among the gentle mountains known as Ouachita.  He writes about adventure and he writes about the peaceable things of this world for Your Vacation World.  In his spare time Lin writes advertising copy for American Insurance Depot.  You can have immediate, and free, reading of many more pieces when you send your little surfer scooting to Lin's home page at where he keeps stirring up more good things for the soul.

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