The Sighing Winds of
The A to Z Guest Ranch

copyright 2006
by Lin Stone

It's only 1.3 miles off the highway to the A to Z Guest Ranch but every inch of it is an adventure.  Clean air, fresh scenery, towering pine trees.  The wind was sighing softly through those trees all the time we were there.  My great desire was to string a hammock out between two of them and just let the whole world slip away.

The A to Z Guest Ranch is found in Kiamichi Country where you'll find your choice of rugged country with tumbling waterfalls or rolling hills with fish-splashed streams.  The Ranch is on Highway 259 on the way to Beavers Bend, or Broken Bow and it is found close to Smithville.

There are 150 miles of MARKED horse trails.  Most of them are rugged, and beautiful.  Don't forget that sighing wind.  You'll feel your civilized troubles slipping away like so much frost greeting the morning sun.

"Some of our 150 miles of marked trails are located in the Wildlife Permit area. This area has 175,000 acres of land to explore! The Wildlife Department sells land access permits to help pay the wages of the Forest Rangers that take care and maintains the Wildlife area. You can purchase your permits at our local Shell service station, located four miles from the ranch!"

  The Moose Lodge is a massive log cabin luxury structure that will up to 17 guests. It has two bedrooms on the first floor, both of which are furnished with one queen and one full size bed in each.  There is also a living room downstairs that makes a wonderful social gathering area for families.  It is supported by a fully equipped kitchen. Looking down on everything from an open loft area there are five twin and two full size beds.

Next in the way of hospitality is the Stone House.  It is as luxurious as The Moose Lodge, but built on a smaller scale. Six guests are about the maximum here unless you throw out a mat or so in the "Social Area".

Then there are two "cottages" to stay in that are out a ways from the other two, which are separated quite a bit also.  Both of these cabins have an oversized king bed in the open loft bedroom, and a social area down below.  There are also parking spots for those with their own sleepers.  There's even a a wash station for your horse after a long day on the trail.

PRICES Package deals are your best by and can include everything from guided horse rides, catered meals and even a couples massage!  The best part of the A to Z Guest Ranch is that you can choose to bring your own horses or to use theirs.  Pens and paddocks are available in abundance for those that just wish to do a day of riding.

Open stalls (for your horses) are $5 per night, per horse.  Covered stalls are $10 per night.  Camp sites run $20 per night.  Campers are $70 per night.  The cottages are $120 per night for two guests, and the Moose Lodge is $250 per night for six guests.

Kids under two don't have to pay anything to spend the night, when accompanied by parents of course.  Kids up to ten years old are only $10 per night.  Other prices depend on how long you're staying and what kind of accommodations you prefer.

Let's face it, not everyone in the family loves to ride a horse.  But how many families have anyone that doesn't love to go four-wheeling?  Therefore the A to Z Guest Ranch provides 100's of miles of Old logging roads that cover over 200,000 miles of ground. You'll have to bring your own vehicle, but your rough riders will find rock climbing mountain views, OLD fire towers, water crossings and lots of timber.  Your kids can get out there and tear up a storm while you're doing more important things.

For more information and details, the ranch has a lovely web site up at or you can call 580 244 3729

the end

Lin Stone is an author, writer and photographer living in Mena Arkansas among the gentle mountains known as Ouachita.  His articles and essays are syndicated by Spin a Silver Dollar to be published automatically on other web sites.  He writes about horses and adventures and he writes about the peaceable things of this world for Your Vacation World.  In his spare time Lin writes health copy for American Insurance Depot.  You can have immediate, and free, reading of many more pieces when you send your little surfer scooting to Lin's home page at where he keeps stirring up more good things for the soul.


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