Your Exculpatory Clause

and why you need one.

Totally honest people going into business frequently have trouble realizing they need to have an exculpatory clause.  "I'm honest and nobody will sue me."

Here's my rule of thumb... "If people think you have money there will be some shifty-eyed scoundrel conniving to get some of it."

Any more, lawyers are cutting their eye teeth on ferretng out people that might have money and no exculpatory clause.

So, what is an exculpatory clause?  Well, what it is will boil down to this: "I don't care what happens, it ain't my fault!"

When you start to make one, try to rule out every last thing they can do to heap blame on you..  In the next frame is an exact copy of the way I wrote mine up for the books that I write.  Modify it to fit your circumstances.  And if this information causes you any grief, please remember that it sure enough ain't my fault.

You can thank me for it later.

Our Exculpatory Clause

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