Help Your Chinese Readers
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It's the little voices inside my header that make all the difference.

A smattering of Mandarin can lift your book trailer right out of the ordinary and give it an International flavor sensation that helps you rank high up on the charts.

I have dealt with multiple nationalities all my life -- without having to learn their language.  One trick I learned early on was to greet the other nationality in words familiar to them.  For instance, if they were Chinese I might say something like, 早上好,我的勇敢的中国朋友.

What does that mean?  It means, "Good morning, my brave Chinese friends."  It's a simple, "one size fits yawl" greeting that shows that group of Chinese that I have made some effort to become acquainted with their language.  And that is enough to shift my status from stranger, to a possible friend who does not speak Chinese yet, but he's trying hard.

Just that one little extra effort can pay some very big dividends when both the Chinese and I want something that the other party has. 

From that point on I speak English as well as I know how, slowly and crisply.  Sometimes I even have to slip into sign language -- pantomine, I think you would say.

Why should you care about the Chinese market?

Many Chinese people are trying to learn English.  There are over one million Chinese readers in the United States, and how many other authors  are tracting them out?  This might be just a small pond, but you might well be the only author fishing in it with a book like yours. This little advantage could be a BIG Advantage for you.

But that's not all.  With Internet connections you can easily be presenting your book trailer to the HUGE Chinese market all the way around the world, all the way from San Francisco to Lisbon.

With a Quick Video that opens in a simple Chinese greeting like that you could go on to tell them in English why reading your book or using your service would be a great blessing for them. 

For example, if your book is written for children in kindergarten you might approach your Chinese audience and you might say, "These are the kind of words that young children would use in the Australian home.  You can apply the English you are learning to read in class to reading this book, and you will learn much about Australian families at the same time."

"Wouldn't it be much better to give the whole video in Chinese?" you ask.

Of course it would, but how much "better" can you afford? I ask in all seriousness.  If it is done right, AND YOU HAD BETTER BE RIGHT, translating 200 power-packed words could take several days.

Sure, you can go to some INSTANT TRANSLATION service and get it "translated instantly." But you may have just made a great big fool of yourself.  Your "community fish fry" reference might be translated into "frying smelly fish for large group sniffing." and you wouldn't even know what a revolting mess you have just served your guests! 

Hear, let's take an example in Spanish I was working on today.

The message was a simple declaration.. "This isn't like the two of them waiting for a barber's chair to be empty suddenly being aware that his opponent is the very barber about to shave him, with a straight-edged razor."

When this is translated into Spanish instantly, it becomes,

"Esto no es como los dos de ellos a la espera de la silla de un barbero que sea que quede en blanco de repente consciente de que su oponente es el barbero a punto de afeitarse con una navaja de afeitar de borde recto."

This second edition does not truly reflect what the first example intended to impress his audience with.  Close, but the audience is looking at each other and say, "Que Paso, Tia Juana?" instead of grinning in happy anticipation of seeing the fur fly.

For the past 5 years I have trained myself to recognize the "noodled" dfficulties in passing from one language to another, and I have produced workable methods to make language difficulties disappear.  Here's one example of noodled English that I straightened out. 

It was an instruction manual, and one Chinese-into-English translator said, "Push transformer into high and windy place." 

It sounds great in Chinese, but on the English ear?

I suggested it be changed slightly to say, "Put the transformer on the top where air can get to it."  The meaning is the same, but my translation is much easier to understand for an American English speaker.

When the noodled translation is right, it clicks right into place. THEN I record the best translation for my book trailer project, using the advanced artificial articulation tools in my office.  Everybody is happy.  Isn't that great?
Don't go running to the Google Translate service and expect to dash off a translation of your header: "These are the kind of words that young children would use in the Australian home." 
這是一種幼兒在澳大利亞家中,用字 does NOT mean "These are the kind of words that young children would use in the Australian home."  as you probably thought it should have been expressed.

NO, Sir.  If you are going to translate a greeting for your book trailer into Chinese then you need to either find a good translater, or use someone like myself. 

A good translater would have to charge you at least $100 -- and after that you'd still have to find a pleasant Chinese voice actor to speak it for you, shall we say another $500 for the voice and the studio  --

while you would only have to invest $45 for me to do the translating for you AND present it in a fairly decent voice that is speaking to your audience in UNDERSTANDABLE Chinese.

How do we start? 

First, get your headline figured out; that is what I will be tying into. Then send your headline to my email address,

I will produce the Chinese introduction tied into your header and then make a quick book trailer about your book. When you are happy I will exchange the finished video for your funds by way of PayPal.


Thank You



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