The Modern Toothfairy

Our story begins inside a dark palace with soft, white marble floors, The palace has been dark for so long it is almost lost in the foliage beneath your feet. A Lady-in-waiting named Sally Sweetgums ducked into a room she thought was always empty. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she became aware of another figure in the room.


No, wait, she thought after the first impulsive step. That figure was tall, almost a whole inch taller than most fairies are. Why, that was Queen Incha then! Queen Incha was a whole inch taller than most fairies are. Sally moved closer to be of service.

Queen Incha was crying. She moaned with the pain and wrung her hands in grief. Mary stepped forward and touched the Queen's arm. "My lady, please. What is it? How can I help you?"

Queen Incha turned and saw her favorite Lady-in-waiting. "Oh Sally, It's just that I still miss my baby girl!"

"After all these years?" Sally asked sadly. "No, I guess not, you could not forget your only child."