Family Ties
by Earl H. Roberts

Statistics say the family unit is breaking up earlier than ever these days.  

Bonds that once lasted a lifetime now become fuzzy memories.  The rituals that once kept the family aligned and communicating are more like imaginary friends from our youth. Strained relationships can be lost easily in a mobile society like ours.  

Brothers follow their work from continent to continent these days.  Sisters find new friends amongst those they serve.  Dad has an office to run and business to get.  Mom has earned the car pool jockey of the year award for three years running now.  

It is strange that the most wholesome activity on earth is visibly weakening almost daily.  The loving family atmosphere with members gathered around the blazing hearth to tell stories while the smell of hot pop corn seeps through the house is now just a memory to most of us.  Parenting is almost a lost art.  

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The good old days may be gone
But Family Ties can STILL be maintained.

Modern technology can bring us closer together now than when we lived in the same house years ago.  A web-based service by the name of Family Ties has produced a wholesome environment that nurtures the love inherent in the family unit. 

The front page opens on a blazing fire and a scene of simple warmth that sets the yearning heart spinning after family memories. will help you produce your own truly unique and private family Web site that's completely free from intrusive advertising and provides these great benefits for family, relatives and friends.  You can Brag on the kids, have your own newsletter circulating to all the Aunts, Uncles, cousins and grandparents, not to mention friends.

You can also.

Whether your brothers and sisters are across the street or overseas, having your own family Web site is the EASIEST, MOST SECURE and COMPLETELY PRIVATE way to bring your family closer together. With your own family domain Web site it is fast and easy to reach out to touch your loved ones online... anytime. 

Another thing we can do is read good, Family-Friendly literature.  Chicken Soup for the Soul, Reader's Digest, Trials and Triumphs, and many other sources reach out to the best that is in us.  Read them.  Ponder them, and then -- pass them on.

is yours for free and you can make copies
to send to all your family members, friends and associates.

The family should be the basic building block of any country. 

Better than anywhere else on earth, at home children learn about love, trust, loyalty, cooperation, and service. 

The home is the primary setting in which children can develop the virtue of being good citizens. 

From living and working with their own family children learn how to grow, prosper and behave in a community. 

Children develop the very attributes of good citizenship by first practicing them in the home. 

The health of any society lies in the strength of its families. When we work to strengthen our families, we strengthen our communities and our nations. 

Most of us can't march off to Washington to lay the Legislature low.  We must focus our attention on the community around us.

In trying to serve our community, we must first consider what our community needs. Once we have decided which problems are the most urgent, we can then select one need and make a plan to help solve it. We can augment many community health and safety projects. We can serve on committees, or do volunteer work to improve our communities.

When we do look around for volunteer work to do in the community let us seek for avenues to build family strength. Let us look for worthwhile projects that will bring families in together. Through our community efforts let us become known as builders, builders of the home, builders of the heart, builders of hope, builders for every noble cause.

Bitter experience has shown that the best way to keep corrupt individuals out of our legal system is for concerned citizens to keep a stern eye over governmental activities.  Politicians motivated only by selfish ambition can usually be rooted out only at the ballot box. 

American citizens openly express how hopeless it is to maintain (or restore) honesty, accountability, and effectiveness to our political system. Participation in elections is now so pitiful that if just 25% of the registered voters turn out to vote it is called huge. Because of this attitude every vote we cast is worth three more who don't care enough to vote. With that kind of power, we can make a difference.

Unfortunately, with the constant pressures of earning a living, caring for a family, and almost daily Church responsibilities, how can we find the time to be informed about matters of public interest and find those good people to support as candidates for office? 

The best way is simply to get involved. Offer to work in political activity such as delivering a petition or running a friend's political campaign. Help the righteous seeking an office in the system. When you see the candidate's whole family out there pounding in political signs, stop and get acquainted. GET INVOLVED and God will take care of the rest.

We have the obligation to seek out and vote for the best candidates for public office. When we leave the burden of active voting to others, we lose the opportunity to affect those decisions that will shape our world. By refusing to vote, we abdicate the free agency God gave to us.

Now if we think it is hard to pick the right people to vote for, just imagine how hard it is for those we elect to do their duty. Politicians and statesmen must grapple with tough questions, painstakingly familiarize themselves with vital issues, grapple with public ignorance, and be decisive on top of all that. They need our support most AFTER we have voted them in, or even if we did not vote them in. 

Doing our duty to our country also includes obeying its laws. As unjust laws can be changed we have no excuse for not obeying the laws until they are changed. Peace can exist only when the public obeys the law.

That means we should come to a complete stop at stop signs, it means observing the speed limit no matter how fast the music is playing. It means serving on juries when our number comes up. It means serving honorably in the Armed forces in times of need. It means honoring our troops that do serve.

We have the duty of raising good families, of working for our communities, of voting for good and just candidates, of serving our country in times of need. Let us rise to the occasion.

Let us do our duty, 
to God, 
to Family, 
to Community, 
and to our country.

the end
All rights reserved.

Earl H. Roberts is the owner of Tale Wins Literary Treasures, a collection of Family-Friendly books, stories, articles and essays available to the modern public.

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Nurturing the family in these times, by Earl H. Roberts.

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The recipe for keeping the modern family together still begins in the kitchen.

Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation  

I've learned, I have!  I've not had the best time of my life! But, I have learned to accept the bad with the good. You do not know what your life will bring tomorrow, so enjoy all that you've been given today.

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They sat around moping when Daddy died because he had not left them any legacy. They were so down in the mouth that I stood up and volunteered to pay Daddy back for that time he drove 350 miles to get me when my car blowed up and my whole family was stranded on the road. "I figure that kind of service call is worth a thousand dollars because he kind of done it on credit and I never paid the bill. I'll put that in the pot for yawl a legacy to divide up.

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Why Teach Your Child To Read?  Reading problems are a further challenge to our world by contribute significantly to the perpetuation of socio-economic, racial and ethnic inequities. However it is not just poor and minority children who struggle with reading. According to the 2002 national report card on reading by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), most of our children (64%) are less than proficient in reading even after 12 years of our attempts to teach them.

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