The Youth of the gospel are enjoined to search diligently for the truth. Through Gentle humor and exquisite sharpness we too may learn truth!
Confidence has a way of seeping away like the dew in the sunshine.
The Wind sweeps in. The dust peels the curtain back. In the hot desert air a chimera of time rises triumphant over the dancing heat waves. Step right and all the morrows are openly revealed. [More]
Perhaps you are not of our faith, but if you will diligently use the precepts taught in this sermon, the effects in your life will be far-reaching and abounding in good works.¬† In the Lord’s [More]
This morning as I listened to Henry B. Eyring when he addressed the Relief Society in our last General Conference, I thought of the centuries I have felt troubled with feelings of great exasperation and [More]
Temples have been the focal point of religious activity since Moses brought the Saints out of Egypt with a high hand. The finest materials were used then and the most beautiful jewels they had were [More]
Men shall cross oceans in hopes to hear Jeffrey R. Holland speak again in person. There is a universal rush to convince the world there is no such thing as Real Truth! “It is all [More]
The power and the mind of Bruce R.  McConkie, one of our greatest scholars and speakers proclaims the parameters of celestial marriage. There shall be no mistake what holds a celestial marriage together. I was [More]