Elder Oaks has a unique authority to speak on this subject. He is a long time student of the law and has delivered uncountable decisions from the bench that cut through the Gordian knots that [More]
Elder Christofferson explains the precise avenue of blessings for all are administered.
“Christmas Love” is a song about the joy we should have in celebrating Christmas because it’s an act of love that mankind has never experienced before – He promised, He came, He saved us from [More]
I’m glad this wasn’t me answering questions about labels. I’ve watched my favorite nephew be hammered into the part of gay just because he was a good guy and had obtained good manners from somewhere. [More]
My little store was about to be closed. Once again I had tried my best. Once again I had failed. I was sitting about half way back, working on my last circular when I glanced up [More]