The Wind sweeps in. The dust peels the curtain back. In the hot desert air a chimera of time rises triumphant over the dancing heat waves. Step right and all the morrows are openly revealed. [More]
It is little I have left in the way of worldly goods. But this above all else I treasure. I have done the will of God when I had nothing and I have done his [More]
Why on earth am I here? I used to walk in the desert and asked that question of every trail. I would listen you know entertain so I wouldn’t walk on. One time I was [More]
Elder Oaks has a unique authority to speak on this subject. He is a long time student of the law and has delivered uncountable decisions from the bench that cut through the Gordian knots that [More]
Elder Christofferson explains the precise avenue of blessings for all are administered.