An extemporaneous talk that was given by Bruce R McConkie.
It is a mystery to me how these truths are available to all of us and yet there are millions who have heard these truths and gape open the mouth in wonder, and do nothing [More]
I spent hours of study for the words of this trump that climed the mountains. He has filled many congregations with truths.
The event of calling of our most recent three apostles made this epistle a glowing and moving history that keeps us together.
This is easy to know as a historic event.
Jesus Christ is the answer. Now, what was the question? Jesus Christ is the answer. This is bedrock.
Large or Small, counting our blessings can turn into an all year job. The more you find the more you will see standing behind them
This morning as I listened to Henry B. Eyring when he addressed the Relief Society in our last General Conference, I thought of the centuries I have felt troubled with feelings of great exasperation and [More]
When you are tried, stay with the Church
I was thinking this morning after I finally got my imperfections under control again, how often it is that on God’s day of rest so often we loiter the day on the Internet or books we would never take to Church. How I [More]