The End is not yet but it draweth Nigh.
I think that attraction for the same-sex is absolutely normal. But anybody fighting this attraction needs to ask themselves, “what is the cause of this attraction?” Please. Be careful that you do not slap a [More]
Be  Clean My Soul, How fortunate we are to have apostles guide us and inspire us.
A personage of spirit that  can endow us with the power of conversing with our heavenly parents. The Holy Ghost is a personage of spur so that he can bring us closer to our heavenly [More]
Ezra Taft Benson made this statement about the doctrine and covenants. The doctrine and covenants is the only book on earth with an introduction made by the Lord himself. Section 1,  which is the introduction [More]
“I consider that the doctrine and covenants, our testament, contains a code of the most solemn, most god-like proclamations ever made to the human family.” Wilford Woodruff
Of all the prophets I have known, I love Gordon B. Hinckley Best. He was about 90  years old when this was given.As he neared 100 he was still going strong. We do indeed live by faith.
We all need inspiration occasionally during the day after we have left the mountaintop.