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I have (just this year) begun to study the Scriptures in huge gulps, in five chapters per day PLUS at least one talk delivered by Russell M. Nelson. Therefore, this very minute I have come to a plateau and I pause to consider my position. I have dined on the Book of Mormon to the page that completes 3rd Nephi and tomorrow shall I begin immediately with 4th Nephi.  President Nelson’s talks can be accessed by performing a search on the Church  website for “Teachings of Russel M Nelson”

These are then listed (at this time) on a page that reveals the great spiritual giant that now leads our Church. I have just reached this video. Next is PERFECTION. Yes, I have watched all the previous projections listed on that page at this time. Yes, I do believe this video is the best aid to my future life YET. But YES I do look forward to all future proclamations from this great leader, even as if his messages reveal the next step Jesus Christ shall declare in the Father’s plan. I shall also believe the words of those other prophets, seers and revelators who are in training to become THE prophet if our Lord and Savior should so call them to buckle down and accept.


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