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It was obvious and expected that Elder Nelson would step forward and be set apart as President. His counselors were not known (to me) or expected, save it would be two of the Twelve who would best complement our newly ordained Prophet. These two would serve with him, and for him. They would share his authority and augment his revelations as to establishing these refinements that shall guide the Church.

Those outside the Church usually find it hard to reconcile their concepts of how changes are made inside the Church. For instance, they hoped that President Monson would “straighten out the antiquated church dogma about *”. Then they voiced their disappointments in his missed opportunity to move the church forward * when he passed on.

These same people will have been hoping that the new prophet might correct the old, tired dogma of the church and bring it up to meet and embrace the concepts already endorsed or discovered by the 21st century’s bright NEW MILLENIALS. After this morning, they must already be realizing that their hopes and supplications shall not be realized at this time either. I expect a bitterness to be growing amongst them as they realize “your church” must needs be dragged into the new millennium!

It would seem that the authority held by the church organizations is misunderstood as well. This is not an Army, I remember that shortly after I had joined the church, my mother accused me of doing everything that church tells you to do. And I replied her, “I sure wish that was true!” It would be so much easier if the church did tell us what to do. This is not an army. Nor is it a place of business.

Ben Franklin once wrote: “How many (people) observe Christ’s birthday! How few, his precepts! O! ’tis easier to keep holidays than commandments.”” But as was pointed out by Pres. Nelson this morning, the commandments do not restrict us as much as they open up new opportunities.

The commandments of the Lord are liberating!

About 15 minutes ago, my wife told me it was snowing, and I could not see the snowflakes because they were so small. But now the snow in my backyard right outside my window is about 2 inches deep. Small things, like the commandments, can make a mighty big difference when they pile up.

Conversely, a small misconception might have you charge up-hill to face a whole army instead of a tiny battery of artillery found in the opposite direction. And that is precisely why we have prophets; they can make refinements in our perceptions of our duties and our opportunities.

So here we are, with a prophet who has raised nine girls and most of them, if not all, remain true to their covenants. President Nelson follows the example of Jesus Christ who frequently prayed to his father thusly, “but not my will be done, but thine.”

For at least the last 40 years President Nelson has been schooled personally in the fine art of learning God’s will. He will be sharing with us some of the admonitions and enticements the Lord gives him. Some of these will be for his personal conduct and assimilation. Some will be given him to share with the first presidency, and some to share with the Twelve. A few of the enticements will be shared with the entire Church.

I cannot convey the height of my excitement as I watched the events u9nfold on our television screen this morning. I had been expecting a lull of activity as President Nelson assumed the mantle of his appointment so we could catch our breath. But he had already done more before this morning than I have done in the past 34 days.

The public may not hear or see the small changes going on inside our church, but they will move the church forward in the direction our Lord and Savior, even Jesus Christ sends us.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

PS. It has been said slyly that millions of the church will leave it because President Nelson, as a man, will not adopt the wonderful new message that the millennials assure the world will solve all of our problems.

Our prayers go out to anyone who leaves the church. One of my best friends has left the church after 21 years. I shall miss him. I may not know any of the others who do leave, but Marleen and I shall miss you!

PPs. A prophetic revelation was spoken this morning that many of you outside of the church may not have caught: the bad weather and other upheavals the world is going through now, will only get worse!


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