Houston Has Spiritual Liftoff

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The Mormons began moving emergency supplies in on the Friday before Hurricane Harvey delivered its catastrophic deluge to Houston areas. Outlying communities received notice that supplies were and would be available in order that meeting houses might serve as places of refuge for those displaced by the storm.

Church Bishop Chausse and other Church officers, including President Dieter Uchtdorf were in the area to see first hand how well the Mormon Helping Hands were rallying to work centers to serve where the needs were critical.

Heroes of Shadow and Substance

After a widespread downpour of Harvey’s more than 50 inches of wet affection showed that many of our greatest leaders don’t need recognition to plunge out into the waters to determine how the neighbors are doing. These black leaders, brown leaders and white who shared their clean water and their priceless food, and those who simply offered to share the emotional burdens of others. They gave no name before service was given, and asked for none to be honored after the time of need had passed.

Like the Mormons, there were the ministers of small flocks and large who had foreseen the times when substance and reassurance might be necessary and had prepared ahead of time. There were the doctors and the nurses who leaped into the fray and delivered the balm of Gilead to those strangers around them while other volunteers from near and far waited not for the approval or direction of government to act in the time of a need they perceived all too clearly. There was the great groundswell of dedication and familiarity who restored running water that slaked no thirst but assuaged relief of the human body, the Internet and the phone and the local grocer that opened doors and filled breaches until their shelves were empty and hearts were full simply because timely actions always speak louder than words. One mission alone bind all these together; the mission to restore as much normalcy as possible as quickly as possible, and recognition be hanged.

Earl H. Roberts


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