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There is a universal rush to convince the world there is no such thing as Real Truth! “It is all gray dirt swirling around out there.”

They seem to find such a perverse piece of pleasure in declaring it over and over again it must be more fun than shooting fish in a barrel. “It is all gray dirt swirling around out there! BANG! hee, hee, hee!” Now, you and I are supposed to fall over dead as we are forced to concede the point. “HEE, HEE, HEE! YOU’RE RIGHT, GEORGE. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS REAL TRUTH!”

However, I’m not ready to be buried yet. In fact I believe there are many real truths lying around and it is not only our job to find them and rely on them but also to embellish them a bit as we bring them to the remembrance of a world gone mad with having it all their own way for the last couple of centuries or more. Let me suggest the very first pure truth we can all agree on and share is: we need air to breathe! When we were new-born babies we did not feel any urgency to argue this truth. Instead, we enthusiastically cried out to share this truth with anyone who had ears to hear. “Hey George, anyone who quits breathing is shortly declared dead!”

Poor George, he had better luck in killing off dodo birds. They couldn’t shoot back. Basically, anyone with a machine gun could make at least one dodo bird quit breathing. Perhaps you and I can also agree on and feel the need to share a second major truth with George: it is healthier to breathe clean air than bad air.

There we are with two truths already. How many more truths can you find and endorse in order to refute the bald declaration: There is no such thing as Real Truth! “It is all gray dirt swirling around out there.”

Pure truth is self-substantiating. The truth is there are many pure truths we can uncover through our own investigations.

The purest form of truth is Absolute Truth, which is our own personal truth that God Lives. It is given to each of us severally by various means but so emphatic to each of us as to be universally undeniable.

“Uh, perhaps you didn’t notice, but that truth is not self-substantiating!”

You’re right, George, but it is self-verifying – and that makes it a truth that is far more important than a truth that is merely self-substantiating. Self-verifying truth is established by a preponderance of the evidence. When Moses turned aside to investigate a burning bush everyone within 10 miles of that spot believed in God because the burning bush was self-verifying that God could speak directly to man.

When Moses went home and spoke to the tribal ecclesiastical leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel they were immediately convinced that God had spoken directly to this man, Moses. His proofs were self-verifying. The truths Moses produced later have been verified through the preponderance of their acceptance by many nations and serve as the backbone of their judicial system to this day. They are true and accepted because they work.

Man hungers mightily to hear the truth. When Jesus delivered what is now called The Sermon On The Mount his 5,000 listeners were astonished by his doctrine because of the impact it made in their hearts and by the massive changes prompted in their minds.

Jesus invited all his listeners to try his doctrine on for size and promised they would know its truths were valid because they were self-verifying. When Jesus died a precious few souls were rewarded with literal proof of his resurrection. By the changes made in their lives more people received verification that Jesus had been resurrected. Their lives were changed. The gospel of Jesus Christ has blossomed into a worldwide religion because so many portions of it have been self-verifying to this day.

When Martin Luther read the Epistle of James he pronounced judgment on it, saying it was an epistle of straw since it had so little gospel truth in it as to be useless. When Joseph Smith read that same epistle of James it caused an explosion of truth so sublime it has literally changed the course of history. Once again it can be said, “Read it and see, Pray about it and you will feel the truth of it in your heart and in your mind.”

This truth has been proven self-verifying on six continents and has flourished in hundreds of environments, both urban and rural. It has endowed millions of minds with greater powers of ratiocination and sharpened the learning capabilities of children and adults around the world. Read it and see. Pray about it and you will feel the power of it resound in your own heart. The proof of it will be manifest in your daily life and your future glory.


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