Born To Lead, Born For Glory

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You were born to learn the will of God and given the power to move forward the kingdom of God.

This morning as I listened to Henry B. Eyring when he addressed the Relief Society in our last General Conference, I thought of the centuries I have felt troubled with feelings of great shuddering exasperations and earth- shattering inadequacies.

This time I listened between the lines and this time I heard the voice of the Holy Ghost. This time I understood that the Lord is the very one giving us those awful feelings of inadequacies. That means they are a GIFT to me! That means those inadequacies are like jewels of value, even great value to me specifically. Then I realized these jewels can bring to my mind the very things I need to be praying hard to obtain corrections for!

I marveled at this lesson I had finally learned. For more than half a century I have fought against these feelings and wished that I could dump them somewhere >>> as if I could be perfect by dumping them. But, actually, I should have been embracing them, adding them to my heart, taking them to heart, and then talking to the Lord about them so that I could overcome those specific challenges he was giving me at those exasperating moments. Instead of a hole, I should have a smooth, perfectly healed repair.

We were born to lead. We were born for glory. But these are the finished product. These are not picked up casually as we skip along the yellow brick road. Oh if only I was as big as a lion, with claws and fangs, I should be able to face up with any threat to my heritage. If I born for glory, why wasn’t I born with buckets of courage in each hand? Yes, that would indeed make it easier for you.

This is his way of helping us find what we need most. That makes sense, the weaker we are, the more help we need!


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