Celestial Marriage

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The power and the mind of Bruce R.  McConkie, one of our greatest scholars and speakers proclaims the parameters of celestial marriage. There shall be no mistake what holds a celestial marriage together.

I was fortunate enough to marry Marleen twice, once for life, and then a year later we married for time and eternity. There is a wonderful difference in the depth of devotion, the tenderness that is tangible and growing.

Some of my friends insist no one can stay married 20-40 years but, oh how wrong they are!

I remember praying, every day, night and day, pleading with the Lord to help me find the best woman on earth for me. We have gone through some major upsets — two strokes, major heart surgery, and that awful morning we found out Marleen had 47 blood clots on her lungs. Yes, we have had trials and tribulations, but our marriage is founded on a stone too big to be moved out of it’s place.


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