My Beloved Prophet

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Perhaps you are not of our faith, but if you will diligently use the precepts taught in this sermon, the effects in your life will be far-reaching and abounding in good works. 

In the Lord’s Church wishing will not make it so. Nor will wishing make your cares go. Wishing will never take the place of preparation of your basic life skills.

Preparation is hard work but the reward is excellence of character and a quicker path through the inevitable rocks and the sharp, piercing darts of the adversary.

Think of this, Our members volunteered for a lifetime of hard, back-breaking labor at inconvenient hours, without pay or compensation, but with a secret, gratified smile indicative of a healthy self-respect and, eventually, the crown of integrity. Do you feel this is a burden uncalled for in the Christian religion life?

Do you really believe that Christ called his disciples and apostles and prophets to a life of ease? Did he not lower himself to the position of a servant and wash the feet of his apostles, one by one? Did he not then command them to do the same after he was gone? Did he not warn his disciples that a lifetime of work lay ahead of them? Our prophets have been in training for 50 years or more. They have been schooled in the secular sciences before that. They are not called because of their past experiences or even what they have done recently. Our prophets have been called because the Lord knows each one personally and he knows that prophet who has trained himself to recognize the inspiration and revelation that comes from the Holy Ghost in order to direct the church as he requires.

The prophet’s call is not to a chair of honor and distinction, it is a chair heavy in work, a responsibility too daunting for any other man alive. This kind of training starts early in life.

Our young missionaries are not on a mission “because they want to go.” Nor is their work assigned to them in order to keep them busy. Their missions are important and urgent service they choose to do in order to please Jesus Christ, without pay or compensation. Even at this tender age they are being trained by the Holy Ghost to recognize inspiration and follow revelation, promptly and joyfully.

A successful mission is not the end of work, it is the beginning of a lifetime of harder work, polished brighter with love and devotion, without pay or compensation.


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