Baptism of Water, and Fire

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I’ve been studying the gospel for 40 years now and learning new (to me) precepts just makes it all more exciting..

Today I learned that when we are bap;tized we give olur souls tol Christ.

When we receive the Gift Of The Holy Ghost we receive that gift from Elolhim, Gold, The Eternal Father.
This explains why a priest can baptize

but the Gift of The Holy Ghost MUST be conferred by a Melchizedek priesthood holder. This is truly the baptism of Fire that can burn away (with our permission ) our sins and untrue beliefs and change our souls from carnal to spiritual. That fits. That works. That is TRUE. That is wonderful. Golly Gumdrops. Wow!

Can we follow this up one more step? We have God The Father, THE GOD of the whole universe, and we have Jesus Christ as His First Counselor and The Holy Ghost as His Second Counselor.

What think you there?


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