Easter Travail

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Jeffrey R Holland is one of our most gifted ministers. Here he testifies of the reality of the atonement of Jesus Christ, and its cost.

WE ARE NOT FORGIVEN ONLY ONCE! For as many as 70 times 7, and a thousand times more, Christ will forgive us again, again and again so many times as we truly repent, Christ shall forgive us for as long as there is enough breath left in us to breathe our petition.

There is that old story about death-bed confession still going through its rounds at the saloons and other congregations. HE CUT HIS CONFESSION SO CLOSE THE PRIEST WAS STILL SAYING THE LAST WORDS WHEN HE DIED ON HIS PILLOW!

Almost 50 years ago I asked forgiveness the first time, and then again dozens of times each week. As one year passed into another I have learned that We can’t see, we can’t know how many sins do lie hidden from our eyes and even from our most earnest inner inspection until we learn to be more perfect, but as I said nearly 50 years ago when the water began to cover my head, “All of them, Lord. All of them.

I still ask that regularly because I do know that when God looks down on us from above it looks pretty much like the playing field is level.

There is no forgiverance save upon condition of repentance. Repentence asks for a walk of godly sorrow and as we walk by a kinder walk we can be forgiven of almost as much by man as by God because we are coming nearer to being like Jesus, our perfect exemplear. If I had waited until I was on my death-bed to sincerely repent I would have entirely missed the very best part of my life.


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