Rare glimpses into the humanity of our prophets, as told by one who knew them. Our priesthood manuals lead us through the inspirations of our prophets and shews forth how they applied them in their [More]
Perhaps you are not of our faith, but if you will diligently use the precepts taught in this sermon, the effects in your life will be far-reaching and abounding in good works.  In the Lord’s [More]
I wonder how many witnesses at this remarkable meeting will look back on that day and say it was a beginning, and how many will look back and say, I heard a prophet speak. I [More]
Patience alone is kind of like depositing a penny in the bank and letting it grow.  After a hundred years or so that penny will turn into two pennies. Your grandchildren might want to sit around and [More]
Of all the prophets I have known, I love Gordon B. Hinckley Best. He was about 90  years old when this was given.As he neared 100 he was still going strong. We do indeed live by faith.
The event of calling of our most recent three apostles made this epistle a glowing and moving history that keeps us together.
Large or Small, counting our blessings can turn into an all year job. The more you find the more you will see standing behind them
This morning as I listened to Henry B. Eyring when he addressed the Relief Society in our last General Conference, I thought of the centuries I have felt troubled with feelings of great exasperation and [More]