Perhaps you are not of our faith, but if you will diligently use the precepts taught in this sermon, the effects in your life will be far-reaching and abounding in good works.  In the Lord’s [More]
Elder Maxwell is Marleen’s favorite apostle, a man of many quotes attributed to him. Here he cautions church members to make sure they welcome members from many nations and nationalities. Tonight our ward here in [More]
Elder Tom Parry. Do you realize that we will never again hear this cheerful voice ring out from the pulpit.
Patience alone is kind of like depositing a penny in the bank and letting it grow.  After a hundred years or so that penny will turn into two pennies. Your grandchildren might want to sit around and [More]
Be happy. Ours is the only church I know of that LIKES happiness in its sermons and talks, just don’t  make  your whole sermon be a basket of gum ball  jokes.  Opening with a few words [More]
We all need inspiration occasionally during the day after we have left the mountaintop.
The event of calling of our most recent three apostles made this epistle a glowing and moving history that keeps us together.
What I like best about this movie is that it is in Spanish.
Jeffrey R. Holland teaches doctrines of the Church, gives strength and provides answers.