The prophet’s call is not to a chair of honor and distinction, it is a chair heavy in work, a responsibility too daunting for any other man alive. Throughout the history of the Church of [More]
I attended a funeral once where one of the relatives suddenly began telling everybody what he thought of them.  He was a big boy and there obviously was no fat on him. The rest of [More]
It took many a hard year to build the Salt Lake Temple. A lot of history swirled around us as this temple rocked forward. Our prophets never wavered in their faith what it looked like, [More]
The Mormons began moving emergency supplies in on the Friday before Hurricane Harvey delivered its catastrophic deluge to Houston areas. Outlying communities received notice that supplies were and would be available in order that meeting [More]
There is a universal rush to convince the world there is no such thing as Real Truth! “It is all gray dirt swirling around out there.” They seem to find such a perverse piece of [More]
You were born to learn the will of God and given the power to move forward the kingdom of God. This morning as I listened to Henry B. Eyring when he addressed the Relief Society in [More]
Sometimes the road to success is long and hard. Values must be right, families protected. Tracey is from Beaumont Texas. Spindletop had its own hard road to success just a few blocks from here and it [More]
Goce la vida. Hemos llegado a esta tierra nos podríamos tener alegría. La alegría más grande de todos es conocer a Dios a través de nuestro mediador con el Padre. Una manifestación puede ser recordado [More]
Latter-day Saints have volunteered to turn their lives over to learning more about their Heavenly Father, approaching him through the conduit of the Holy Ghost working in congruence with the mind and will of Jesus [More]